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Lint Remover, Pilling Remover, Woollen Jumpers, Track Suits, Pet Cat & Dog hair Removers, Upholstery ORDER HERE!

Lint Remover, Pilling Remover, Woollen Jumpers, Track Suits,  Pet Cat & Dog hair Removers, Upholstery  ORDER HERE!

Pilling, gently  removes pilling, wool balls, lint, pet hair & tissues from the wash with ease from your garments & upholstery.

Use Depilit on school uniforms, work attire, polar fleece, tracksuits and woolen garments.

Depilit also works on rugs and soft furnishings.

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Depilit Delicate 3x  refills  ( $ 9.99 postage)
3 x delicate refills May like to use on the same unit as you original unit, like stickers! ..
Ex Tax: AU$0.00
Ex Tax: AU$9.99
Depilit 3x  refills  ( $ 9.99 incl. free  postage)
Ex Tax: AU$0.00
Depilit Twin value pack plus 2 refills, normally $ 29.99 Now On Special  for $24.99    Pilling remover
Depilit Twin Value Pack   one original Depilit for almost every material + two extra..
Ex Tax: AU$24.99
Depilit for clothing with  3 extra refills
The De-Pil-It for Clothing with 3 extra refills     ..
Ex Tax: AU$21.99
Depilit Single - No  Extras,  Pilling remover
As in Depilit products ..
Ex Tax: AU$15.00
Depilit TV Special Pack , Removes Pilling,  upholstery and delicate for finer materials!Normally $ 39.99 now on Special for
Includes De-Pil-It for clothing with one  bonus replacement pads, a travel size Delicate De-..
Ex Tax: AU$24.99
Depilit -  Pilling Remover,  Total Care Pack
The Total Care Pack includes: 1x Depilit for clothing and two replacement pads 1x Magi..
Ex Tax: AU$54.99
Depilit Party Plan Pilling Remover, Special  10 units for $ 100.00  No Extra's
Depilit Party Plan Special This is the Original Depilit for every material except for delicat..
Ex Tax: AU$100.00
Depilit - Magic Combo, Pilling Remover  (Depilit & 1 extra refill)
Depilit  Magic Combo, Depilit for Fusz, Lint, Pilling, Cat& Doghair, Uplholstery Mag..
Ex Tax: AU$29.99
Depilit - Carpet (Larger surface area) for Cat & Dog hair! 2 X EXTRA REFILLS  Pilling remover
Carpet Depilit, same as Depilit for Clothing but maybe use for larger areas! Cat & DogHair! U..
Ex Tax: AU$24.99
Depilit - Carpet Replacement Pads  x2
As in Depilit for Clothing but for BIGGER areas! ..
Ex Tax: AU$10.00
Depilit - Delicate Refill Pack (Travel size x3 and original x3)
Refills (6 x) per pack for the Delicate Depilits The Delicate Refills will restore most fabri..
Ex Tax: AU$11.99
Travel Delicate Brush with 2 extra refills  (Great for Leggings, corporate materials) stretchwoven
Ex Tax: AU$9.99
Lint Brush (two in one) (magic brush)
Removes lint, dandruff, hair and more, but No Pillingremover! Directions: To remove lint,..
Ex Tax: AU$5.99
lintremover  (Sticky rollers) 2 pack 80 sheets Value Pack.  Removes lint,dandruff,hair and more but No Pilling!
Removes lint, dandruff,hair and more but No Pilling! Instruction: Keep wrap to protect ad..
Ex Tax: AU$5.99