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Micron Natural Nail System (Incl. fantastic stone file) It really Works!
FILES !   CLEANS !   CONDITIONS !   SHINES! MICRON Natural Nail System is a re..
Ex Tax: AU$9.99
Depilit Party Plan Pilling Remover, Special  10 units for $ 100.00  No Extra's
Depilit Party Plan Special This is the Original Depilit for every material except for delicat..
Ex Tax: AU$100.00
Miracle Socks (Compression Socks) Fits Men & Women (Flight Socks)
Unisex - Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks Fits both men & women One size fits all..
Ex Tax: AU$9.99
Depilit - Magic Combo, Pilling Remover  (Depilit & 1 extra refill)
Depilit  Magic Combo, Depilit for Fusz, Lint, Pilling, Cat& Doghair, Uplholstery Mag..
Ex Tax: AU$29.99
Depilit - Carpet (Larger surface area) for Cat & Dog hair! 2 X EXTRA REFILLS  Pilling remover
Carpet Depilit, same as Depilit for Clothing but maybe use for larger areas! Cat & DogHair! U..
Ex Tax: AU$24.99
General - Shoulders  Support (Left or Right Shoulder) Fit Most!
Shoulder Support for Left or Right Shoulder. Fits Most ! Provide a therapeutic treatment to m..
Ex Tax: AU$9.99
General - Shoulders Support Fit Most!
Fits Most ! Provides compression and support to shoulders and aids healing of the shoulders. ..
Ex Tax: AU$9.99
Heel Grips - Suede (Gel filled)
Heel-Grips - Suede Padded Heel Grips are perfect for most shoes and high heels.   Le..
Ex Tax: AU$4.99
Depilit - Carpet Replacement Pads  x2
As in Depilit for Clothing but for BIGGER areas! ..
Ex Tax: AU$10.00
Gel Cushions - Ball of Foot   men & women fit Most! Super Soft!
Gel Soles - Ball of Feet Massaging gel insole for designed for theh ball of your foot. &..
Ex Tax: AU$4.99
Gel Cushions - Heel super soft, fits Most!
Gel Soles - Heel Massaging gel insole providing outstanding all-day comfort in the heel area...
Ex Tax: AU$4.99
Insoles - Health Comfort Style (Nurses,doctors,hairdressers) no. 1 sell at the Queen Victoria Market!  may cut to size, 29 cm in lenght, never leaks!,
Fantastic Health Insoles One size fits most.  Great for walking. Ensure proper fit b..
Ex Tax: AU$9.99
Depilit - Delicate Refill Pack (Travel size x3 and original x3)
Refills (6 x) per pack for the Delicate Depilits The Delicate Refills will restore most fabri..
Ex Tax: AU$11.99
The Pharaoh - Amazing 3D Lamp,Optical Illusion, Ideal Gift! FOLLOWS YOU WHERE EVER YOU GO IN THE ROOM!
Amazing 3D Lamp.  The incredible optical illusion of the 3D face follows you around the room..
Ex Tax: AU$54.99