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The De-Pil-It will remove pilling from most fabrics but not all. You should always test the De-Pil-It on an inconspicuous spot. PLEASE NOTE: in all instances you must ensure this product's suitability as the manufacturer accepts no responsibility for misuse. After a garment has been treated, the pilling most likely will return - this is not the fault of the De-Pil-It, but the fabric manufacturer. It is like washing or ironing your clothes - once you have done it, it doesn't mean you never have to do it again!

The De-Pil-It works on most fabrics, but more effectively on wool and cottons. Synthetics can wear a pad out faster than natural fibres like woollens and cottons. It can be used to remove tissue fragments which have sneaked through the wash and to remove dog and cat hair.

NOTE: When using a new De-Pil-It or after having replaced a pad, rub the unit over a clean carpet about half a dozen times - this quickly breaks the pad in. When replacing a pad, wipe the base of the De-Pil-It with methylated spirits to remove any residue. The replacement pads are self adhesive; peel off the white protective layer to expose the self adhesive backing.

Lay the garment flat on a hard surface like an ironing board or a table and gently wipe, don't rub, your way down following the grain of the material from top to bottom and you'll find all the pilling comes away. Laying a damp towel beneath the garment stops it from slipping around, particularly when doing it on a table. The De-Pil-It must glide smoothly over the fabric - don't let it skip. Also never go over seams or raised surfaces. Because the pilling stands up from the surface of the fabric as do the seams. The De-Pil-It cannot distinguish between the two and will rub away the seams, possibly damaging them.

NOTE: Angora knits - Because of the long texture of this fabric, work only a corner of the De-Pil-It over each knot.

The pads are replaceable. When worn, they will go smooth and stop working.

The De-Pil-It pad is only effective on fabric. It will immediately go dead if used on wood, leather or other surfaces. Neither can it be used on damp clothes - moisture destroys the pad instantly.


Thoroughly vacuum carpet or rug before using Carpet De-Pil-It.

Do not use Carpet De-Pil-It on wet or damp surfaces. Carpet De-Pil-It will restore most carpets and rugs rendered unsightly by pilling, fluff, lint, hair and animal fur.

Avoid striking doors, skirting boards or furniture. Not suitable for clothing. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for misuse of this product


First fit the cover from the point to the heel. Find the opening next to our manufacturer’s label to reveal the elastic.  Stretch tightly to firmly fit fully around the ironing board, ensuring that no folds are present. Tie the elastic securely off. Please be aware that once the cover is used, the profiled surface will flatten out to form a thick, heat absorbing matt.