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"Thank you so much for this wonderful Australian invention! The Depilit has revived all my kids school uniforms. No more pilling.  

I love Depilit!"

- Marte, Oslo, Norway

"I love my pets but the dog and cat hair looks untidy on all my upholstery and clothing.  Depilit is a fantastic gadget that removes all the pet hair quickly and easily"  IT REALLY WORKS!

- Michelle, Melbourne, Australia


"Victorian Ironing Board Covers are wonderful!  I purchased an Essendon one and the super-thick polycell thermal blanket ensures a suprior ironing finish everytime!  

These quality ironing board covers make the chore of ironing faster and easier to complete"  

- Johan, The Hague, The Netherlands


Bought myself some walkfits, must say the best arches for my feet ever!

Rob,  Sydney, Australia


Love my Replacement Toothbrush Heads, do not want anything else, they the best



Just bought some combo depilits, ended up bying 2 combos on special with lots of extra, thank you depilit products for a fantastic product.

The lady at the Queen Victoria market in j-shed was very helpfull and friendly too!

Jane Miller from Taroona in Tasmania


Hi again Annette,

Just confirming I have received the ironing board cover, lovely product as always from you folks,

Kind Regards,